BOD Incubator

EPS BOD Incubators are designed to meet incubation criteria required in bod analysis of water, fermentation studies, plant and insect studies and bacterial culturing and designed for applications in pharmaceutical, microbiology, biotechnology, chemical & research labs.

Often called low temperature incubators, our BOD Incubator systems are constructed with corrosion resistance stainless steel and fitted with branded instruments; offering reliable results and comfortable working all the time. The standard models are available from 68 liters to 425 liters of capacities.


  • Inner chamber made up Stainless Steel (SS)
  • Outer chamber made up of Mild Steel (MS) powder coated for corrosive resistance
  • Trays are made up of SS Material
  • Trays: 3 trays will be supplied
  • Double walled construction with Glass wool insulation
  • Shelves :  Stainless steel Shelves ( 5) removable
  • Door :- Attractive Magnetic door profile


  • Temperature range: 0°c to 60°c
  • Temperature Uniformity : +/- 1°C
  • Display :PID Digital temperature controller
  • Compressor : EMMERSON Hermetically Sealed Brand
  • Sensor : PT-100
  • Inner Acrylic Door: Inner Full Size See through Acrylic 8 mm thick.
  • Air Circulation: Motorized Blower from back and forced air circulation for temperature homogeneity.
  • Chamber illumination with the help of one fluorescent bulb
  • Illumination : 8 Watts Fluorescent bulb
  • Power  230/240 volts


  • Full Chamber Construction with Stainless Steel(Inner/Outer)
  • Validation protocol with IQ, OQ, PQ Documentation.

Technical Specification and Ordering Information

Dimension LXDXH(cm)450X450X600550X500X600650X550X660650X600X800650X600X1050
Volume120 L180 L240 L350 L430 L
Capacity (CU.FT)