Muffle Furnance

EPS furnaces offer temperature ranges (900°C-1100°C, 1200°C, 1300°C, up to 1500°C), temperature control options to meet your application needs, embedded or open heating elements designed to keep samples safe while maintaining reliable temperature uniformity.

Furnaces in laboratory and industrial settings are used every day for a wide variety of simple and technical applications. Choose from a wide offering to accommodate your applications needs, which may include.

  • Metal treatment
  • Ashing
  • Water treatment
  • Pottery Designs with safety in mind


  • Controlled with automatic digital temperature indicating controller with Cr/A1. Thermocouple


  • Outer chamber made up of thick cold rolled mild steel with powder coated for corrosive resistance.
  • Chamber is surrounded by ceramic fibre blankets on all the four sides and the rear to reduce heat losses to a minimum.


  • Rectangular in shape placed horizontally with opening in the front
  • Sturdy handle provides comfortable opening and closing.
  • Doors open 180° in order to provide enough access to the heating chamber.

Technical Specification:-

Inner Chamber (MM)100x100x250125x125x250150x150x300200x200x300300x300x300
Load (k.w)3.53.5456
Temperature Range900°C, 1000°C ,1100°C, 1200°C, 1300°C, up to 1500°C
Temperature Accuracy+ / - 2°C
Power Supply230 Volts AC, Single phase