PCR Work Station

EPS offers PCR work station which has self-contained work area that will help protect your PCR runs against contamination.UV bulbs irradiate the work area prior to use, reducing the possibility that contaminating DNA will be amplified. Containment features reduce the chance of airborne contamination.

The non-ventilated hood has acrylic windows for a clear view, an acid-resistant black formica work surface. The germicidal lamps are controlled by a 24-hr timer. The work light is provided by dual fluorescent lamps, and there is a ceiling-mounted double AC outlet

Technical specifications & ordering Information

Chamber size (feet) LxDxH1.5’X1.5’X2’2’x2’x2.5’
UV source2X15 watts3X15 watts
Wavelength254 nm254 nm
Florescent lamp2x8 watts3x8 watts
Power230V AC ,50Hz230V AC ,50Hz